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Pool & Games:

FREE POOL is available every week Sunday through
Tuesday on our (3) 7 ½ foot tables!   

   We would appreciate it if all free pool customers make a purchase or two at the bar.  A variety of non-alcoholic beverages are also available, including fresh-squeezed orange and grapefruit juices!

   Depending upon business volume and table availability, we may at  times have to ask that you give up a table so that other customers  may participate as well. In the case of groups of 6 or more, we ask that you use one table only.
(Time limits may be imposed, at the bar staff 's discretion.)



1) Sign chalkboard to challenge table
2) No challenging on multiple tables at the same time
4) No drinks on tables
5) No sitting on tables
6) Do not pick up table if balls are stuck, see bartender
8) Sinking 8-ball on break wins game
9) Call all shots, combos, pockets and banks
10)You may combo with your ball or 8-ball, or your ball             off opponent's ball until your last shot
11) 8-ball is neutral until last ball
12) 8-ball cannot be played off other balls when shooting          8-ball
13) Last ball before 8-ball must go clean
14) 8-ball must go clean
15) 8-ball in wrong pocket, you lose
16) Scratch on 8-ball, you lose
17) Abuse the tables or sticks, you will be asked to leave.

We have (2) Dart Boards for your enjoyment.
House darts are available at the bar.

We have the following games available behind the bar:
Playing Cards, Cribbage Board, Scrabble, Backgammmon/Chess/Checkers.

Please make sure all game pieces are returned to their boxes.

We have an Internet Jukebox with something for everyone. 

Live Music is not available at the Watering Hole.

Open: 3:00 PM to 1 AM (2 AM on Fri. and Sat.)
Remember, you must have a valid 21+ ID to enter the premises.

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